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fat admin

Павел Климов
Павел Климов

I tried it. Comfortable. Before that, I wrote SPA separately in Vue (quasar) and always took care to write about creating a template, routes, and getting data via the API. It's too long for one person (difficult)

Даниил Работа
Даниил Работа

I decided to use your admin panel and did not regret it. The basics are all there, and if you need something non-standard, then everything can be easily expanded and customized. Thank you for your efforts!


This is power! Simply geniuses! The flutter approach is a great idea

Kuanysh Osmanov
Kuanysh Osmanov

😁 The day before yesterday I handed over the project to the customer. I implemented the admin panel on Moonshine. Covered all tasks. I implemented it in 5 hours. The customer is shocked. 😬

Ильдар Енакаев
Ильдар Енакаев

MoonShine 2 turned out very cool at first glance. Exactly the architecture that I saw in my head as ideal


Guys, the admin is top! You are very cool! Thanks for your hard work! I hope you will continue to develop in the same spirit! 🔥 P.S. The video, by the way, is also very coolly edited, right on the level

Alexey Muromtsev
Alexey Muromtsev

DatePicker is certainly a cannon 😏 In general, I look and understand that a lot of things have been implemented out of the box that I had to write myself or pull up third-party libraries. Very cool, I’m already thinking about using it in my own project. So we are waiting for the continuation!