System component Profile

# Make

The system component Profile is used to display information about an authorized user in MoonShine.

You can create a Profile using the static method make() class Profile.

make(bool $withBorder = false)

$withBorder - to split before the component.

namespace App\MoonShine;
use MoonShine\Components\Layout\LayoutBlock;
use MoonShine\Components\Layout\LayoutBuilder;
use MoonShine\Components\Layout\Menu;
use MoonShine\Components\Layout\Profile;
use MoonShine\Components\Layout\Sidebar;
use MoonShine\Contracts\MoonShineLayoutContract;
final class MoonShineLayout implements MoonShineLayoutContract
public static function build(): LayoutBuilder
return LayoutBuilder::make([
Menu::make()->customAttributes(['class' => 'mt-2']),
Profile::make(withBorder: true)

# Default avatar

The defaultAvatar() method allows you to override the default profile avatar.

defaultAvatar(string $url)
  • $url - default avatar url.
use MoonShine\Components\Layout\Profile;