Components in MoonShine are the basis for building an interface.
Many components have already been implemented in the Admin Panel, which can be divided into several groups: Systems, Decorations and Metrics.

Systems - components are used to create the main blocks of the admin panel: Layout , Flash , Footer , Header , LayoutBlock, LayoutBuilder, Menu, Profile , Search , Sidebar , TopBar .

Decorations - components are used for visual design of user interface: Block , Collapse , Divider , Flex , FlexibleRender , Fragment , Grid , Heading , LineBreak, Modal , Offcanvas , Tabs , When .

Metrics - components are used to create information blocks: DonutChartMetric , LineChartMetric , ValueMetric .

The MoonShine admin panel does not restrict you from using other components, which can be implemented using Livewire , as well as Blade components.