# Images are not displayed

  • Make sure you've done php artisan storage:link
  • Make sure the disk is selected by default public, not local
  • Check that APP_URL in .env is correct

# Default language

If you have left only one language in the MoonShine config, but another language is used in the panel

  • Make sure that the Laravel config config/app.php specifies the same language as MoonShine

# Problems with https

If you have forms using url with http, but expect https

  • Make sure you have a quality ssl certificate
  • In middleware TrustProxies set protected $proxies = ['*']

# Error Page not found

  • Check config/app.php for MoonShineServiceProvider. For example, the Apiato package changes its structure and MoonShine cannot be added by the provider automatically. Add it yourself
  • Make sure the resource or page is declared in MoonShineServiceProvider
  • Clear cache