# Basics

$resource->url(); // First page of the resource
$resource->route($name, $key, $params); // Advanced method for obtaining routes
$resource->pageUrl($page, $params, $fragment); // Advanced method for obtaining page`s route
$resource->indexPageUrl(); // index page
$resource->indexPageUrl(['query-tag' => $tag->uri()]); // query tag
$resource->formPageUrl(); // create page
$resource->formPageUrl(1); // edit page by int
$resource->formPageUrl($item); // edit page by Model
$resource->detailPageUrl(1); // detail page by int
$resource->detailPageUrl($item); // detail page by Model
$resource->asyncMethodUrl('updateSomething'); // ANY
$resource->fragmentLoadUrl('table-index', $resource->formPage());
$resource->route('crud.update', $data->getKey()); // PUT
$resource->route('')); // POST
$resource->route('crud.destroy', $data->getKey()); // DELETE
$resource->route('crud.massDelete'); // DELETE
// Handlers
$resource->route('handler', query: ['handlerUri' => $export->uriKey()]);
$page->url(); // page url
$page->route($params); // Advanced method for obtaining routes
$page->asyncMethodUrl('updateSomething'); // ANY

# Helper

You can also use the to_page helper:

string|Page|null $page = null,
string|ResourceContract|null $resource = null,
array $params = [],
bool $redirect = false,
?string $fragment = null
  • $page - page or page alias (optional),
  • $resource - resource or resource alias (optional),
  • $params - additional query,
  • $redirect - if necessary, perform a redirect immediately,
  • $fragment - url will be used for Fragment loading.
to_page(page: PageType::FORM);
to_page(page: IndexPage::class);
to_page(page: IndexPage::class, resource: PostResource::class);
to_page(page: new IndexPage(), resource: new PostResource());
to_page(page: PageType::FORM, redirect: true);
to_page(page: PageType::FORM, fragment: true);

For more information about page types, see PageType .

# Current page

The model resource has methods that allow you to check which page is the current one to build further logic.

$resource->isNowOnIndex(); // index page
$resource->isNowOnForm(); // creation or editing page
$resource->isNowOnCreateForm(); // creation page
$resource->isNowOnUpdateForm(); // edit page
$resource->isNowOnDetail(); // detail page