Upgrade guide

Upgrading To 2.0 From 1.5

1 Minimum requirements

  • php >=8.1
  • laravel >= 10.23

Before updating, it is recommended to delete the folder public/vendor/moonshine.

2 Composer.json

Change version MoonShine.

"require": {
"php": "^8.1",
"guzzlehttp/guzzle": "^7.2",
"laravel/framework": "^10.23",
"lee-to/moonshine-algolia-search": "^1.0",
"moonshine/moonshine": "^1.60"
"moonshine/moonshine": "^2.0"

Execute the console command.

composer update

Errors will occur during the upgrade process. This is because some components of the admin panel have been changed. The following steps will help to eliminate these errors.

3 MoonShineServiceProvider

The MoonShineServiceProvider needs to be modified. It now inherits from MoonShineApplicationServiceProvider, and the menu declaration is moved to a separate method menu().

use Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider;
use MoonShine\Providers\MoonShineApplicationServiceProvider;
class MoonShineServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider
class MoonShineServiceProvider extends MoonShineApplicationServiceProvider
public function boot(): void
protected function menu(): array
return [
MenuGroup::make('System', [
MenuItem::make('Settings', new SettingResource(), 'heroicons.outline.adjustments-vertical'),
MenuItem::make('Admins', new MoonShineUserResource(), 'heroicons.outline.users'),
MenuItem::make('Roles', new MoonShineUserRoleResource(), 'heroicons.outline.shield-exclamation'),
], 'heroicons.outline.user-group')->canSee(static function () {
return auth('moonshine')->user()->moonshine_user_role_id === 1;

4 Icons

MoonShine 2.0 uses only icons from the Heroicons set, so it is necessary to replace the old system icons (add, app, bookmark, bookmark, clip, delete, edit, export, filter, search, show and users).

For more detailed information, please refer to the section Icons .

5 Resources

In MoonShine 2.0, resources are isolated from models, but there is a special ModelResource to work with Eloquent.

Resource should be replaced with ModelResource, public properties with protected properties.

The property to display in relationship fields titleField should be renamed to column.

The property to go after save routeAfterSave in the MoonShine 2.0 renamed to redirectAfterSave, or you can use the method redirectAfterSave(), which returns a string with the route to redirect.

For more information, please refer to the section Resources .

Also some properties have been renamed.

use MoonShine\Resources\Resource;
use MoonShine\Resources\ModelResource;
class ArticleResource extends Resource
class ArticleResource extends ModelResource
public static string $model = Article::class;
protected string $model = Article::class;
public static string $title = 'Articles';
protected string $title = 'Articles';
public string $titleField = 'title';
protected string $column = 'title';
protected string $routeAfterSave = 'index';
public static string $orderField = 'created_at';
protected string $sortColumn = 'created_at';
public static string $orderType = 'DESC';
protected string $sortDirection = 'DESC';
public static array $with = ['author', 'comments'];
protected array $with = ['author', 'comments'];

6 Fields

The changes in MoonShine 2.0 affect fields as well.

All relationship fields have had their namespace changed.

use MoonShine\Fields\BelongsTo;
use MoonShine\Fields\Relationships\BelongsTo;
use MoonShine\Fields\BelongsToMany;
use MoonShine\Fields\Relationships\BelongsToMany;
use MoonShine\Fields\HasMany;
use MoonShine\Fields\Relationships\HasMany;
use MoonShine\Fields\HasManyThrough;
use MoonShine\Fields\Relationships\HasManyThrough;
use MoonShine\Fields\HasOne;
use MoonShine\Fields\Relationships\HasOne;
use MoonShine\Fields\HasOneThrough;
use MoonShine\Fields\Relationships\HasOneThrough;
use MoonShine\Fields\MorphMany;
use MoonShine\Fields\Relationships\MorphMany;
use MoonShine\Fields\MorphTo;
use MoonShine\Fields\Relationships\MorphTo;
use MoonShine\Fields\MorphToMany;
use MoonShine\Fields\Relationships\MorphToMany;

For relationship fields it is obligatory to specify the model resource.
The second parameter is not a field in the table, but the name of the relationship!

use MoonShine\Fields\Relationships\BelongsTo;
class ArticleResource extends ModelResource
public function fields(): array
BelongsTo::make('Author', resource: 'name')
BelongsTo::make('Author', 'author', resource: new MoonShineUserResource());

In MoonShine 2.0 for fields. HasOne and HasMany there is no more separation and are only displayed in resourceMode. Methods removable() and fullPage() have been excluded.
If these fields should be placed in the main form, you can use the field Json in relationship mode .

Method onlyCount() fields HasMany renamed to onlyLink() and now allows you to display not only the quantity, but also creates a link to view their records.

The BelongsToMany relationship field has a BelongsToMany method select() renamed to selectMode().

  • SwitchBoolean renamed to Switcher
  • SlideField renamed to RangeSlider

7 Filters

In the MoonShine 2.0 admin panel the same fields are used for building filters, duplicate fields for filters have been eliminated.

For more information, please refer to the section Filters .

8 Import / Export

By default, imports and exports are already included in all model resources.

use MoonShine\Actions\ExportAction;
use MoonShine\Actions\ImportAction;
class ArticleResource extends ModelResource
public function actions(): array
return [

For more information, please refer to the section Import/Export .

9 Actions

ItemActions, FormActions and DetailActions and the corresponding methods were excluded from the admin panel.
In MoonShine 2.0, this function is performed by. ActionButton.

use MoonShine\FormActions\FormAction;
use MoonShine\ItemActions\ItemAction;
class ArticleResource extends ModelResource
public function itemActions(): array
public function indexButtons(): array
return [
ItemAction::make('Go to', fn (Article $item) => to_route('articles.show', $item))
ActionButton::make('Go to', fn (Article $item) => to_route('articles.show', $item))

For more information, please refer to the section ActionButton .

10 Updating dependencies

After all changes have been made, you should try again to update the dependencies. The update should complete without errors.

composer update

If the assets were not published at the time of the update, they must be published.

php artisan moonshine:publish


php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laravel-assets --ansi --force

11 Config

The config has been completely changed in new version of MoonShine. You can publish the new configuration file via the console command. After publishing, make the necessary adjustments.

php artisan moonshine:install

12 Dashboard

Dashboard as well as CustomPage are now Pages . Once installed, a page is generated for the Dashboard app/MoonShine/Pages/Dashboard.php. You need to move all components to a new page.

Congratulations on your successful project update!