# Creating a resource with a test file

By adding the --test flag to the moonshine:resource command, you can generate a test file along with a basic test suite:
php artisan moonshine:resource PostResource --test
Apart from creating the resource, the above command will generate the following test file tests/Feature/PostResourceTest.php If you are using Pest, you can specify the --pest option
php artisan moonshine:resource PostResource --pest
An example of a test for a successful response from the main resource page
public function test_index_page_successful(): void
$response = $this->get(

# Setting up an authenticated user

Although testing MoonShine resources is no different from standard testing of your application and setting up an authenticated user for the request should not be difficult, We'll give an example anyway:
protected function setUp(): void
$user = MoonshineUser::factory()->create();
$this->be($user, 'moonshine');